Nicole Telkes

Natural Health Practitioner, Naturalist, Herbal Educator

Hello and Welcome! It is my hopes that this site not only represents my work as a herbalist and massage therapist, but helps you to connect to ways to educate yourself and find herbs and other practitioners that may be of service.Click here to order my new book the Medicinal Plants of Texas

My online presence is consolidated here. I feel most at peace is in the wild. I can't remember a time in my life that I wasn't fascinated with wild places, and sitting next to plants watching, tasting, picking, or using them. After spending many years making interesting herbal remedies, I began my practice as a clinican around 2001. I offer consultations, massage, and teach classes around Austin and Central Texas. Occasionally I travel on herbal adventures to teach in different bioregions. I have a great passion for sharing knowledge and spending time with people and plants outside, bringing all of us closer and connecting back to the Earth and the Wild. My goal with my practice is to have a herbalist on every corner!